Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kudos to Ivan M (or why i gave up my ambitions of being a cowboy on Christmas Eve 1989)

I dont know how i've been forgetting to mention it but this beautiful map/ flyer/ bumper sticker (above) was designed exclusively for mr.E's by the young talent who goes by the name of Ivan...or Ivan M... or Soki..... or The One.... or Slayer..... or No Touching.....and when i say "designed exclusively" i mean he poured his heart and soul into coming up with every detail, every nook and cranny that went into its creation... Except for the colour scheme which i chose to match with the rental store's interior.... oh and the characters which i painstakingly downloaded off the internet and envisioned on paper.... oh and the drawing of the map which i did strictly from memory.... and the basic layout which i conceived to keep the image simple.... and the text which i composed to say as much as possible in as few words as possible... yeah.... but Ivan, he... he certainly moved the mouse around.... quite a bit, i must admit.... and he also... he um..... yeah, clicking.... he did some serious clicking, Ivan did. So really the respect and admiration for the visual delight above rightfully belongs to Ivan M, without whom mr.E's wouldnt be what it is today. Good job, buddy.

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