Monday, September 1, 2008

Wake me up when September ends (seriously, not a second before cos spetember is full of SHIT movies)

So the (movie) summer is OFFICIALLY over... that sucks! Now in this singular-cinema city we live in, that might not mean much cos being the sole Cine Plaza -or Plex, if you will- it can afford to offer us the summer movies at Christmas and call them "the Hottest NEW releases" and get away with it cos most people, well, have lives that do not revolve around Hollywood's cinematical release schedule.

I am not most people.

For me, the end of th summer is kinda like the last day of the christmas vacation, a christmas where you got the best gift you could ever have wished for (the Dark Knight), kissed the girl of your dreams on New Year's eve (Wall-E) and made a life changing new year's resolution ( NEVER, EVER, EVER to watch ANOTHER Mummy movie again!!!). But i'm not gonna do a review of the summer movies cos i'm sure any even slightly movie-related site or blog has done just that. We all know what we loved (TDK) and what sucked blistered balls (Meet Dave)... no point repeating ourselves.

Instead, i'd like to talk about LOVE... "Wow, that's not on every other blog!" Shut up! Two movies this summer have really moved me with their approach to the theme of love: Wall-E and (hold your breath)... Hellboy 2: the Golden Army. Not exactly a romantic comedy, that last one, but give me a second to make my point.

I've been in less than a handful of relationships and of those, the honest truth is I've been in love with only one of those girls. I have and have had great affection for anyone i've been involved with at any one point, but my heart only broke to lose one of them. Anyways, having just exited from a "situation" that wasnt quite working out, i found myself pondering how we respond to each other and why we make the choices and mistakes we later deeply regret when in love and as always, i turned to the movies for guidance.

Enter Wall-E. Here is a beautiful story that never cheats or lies to you. Watching it is like eating a delicious fizzy-pop sweet that never gets finished yet never sours your tongue. How ironic that one of the most beautifully heart-felt love stories i've ever seen takes place between 2 basically in-animate objects made of tin and... well i dont know what material Eve is made out of. Oh yeah, and they cant really speak. Seriously. But there's that scene where Eve has temporarily shut down and Wall-E makes her that beautiful gift and... her reaction to his gift when she wakes up and his reaction to her reaction... who hasnt been there, during the courtship?

Watch this movie. Yes, its an animated movie (NOT a cartoon) but dont take my word for it. Go read Roger Ebert's review for it and you'll see what i'm talking about.

And then there's Hellboy 2. I had this movie for a week before i watched it just cos i thought it was going to be too much Pan's Labyrinth and less Hellboy. I was wrong. Sure there's all those Pan's creatures... he was nominated for a fucking Oscar... what did you expect? But its got great action, a mean baddie and Red is as funny as ever! What surprised me though was the deep undercurrent of love that flowed seamlessly through out the film. There's the treachorous romance between Hellboy and Liz which has an enigmatic resolution at the end of the 2nd act (trying not to spoil this for those who havent seen it) but more interestingly, there's the relationship between Abe and the Princess. What intrigued me about this couple is Abe's reason for being in love with her: "She's like me... from another world... alone in this world..."

Sometimes it feels like i'm from another world, a scientific experiment being remotely observed by great thinkers on my home planet. I watch my new workmate effortlessly make small talk with customers and i know he is SO much better at this job than i am. I just find it incredibly difficult to find any common ground for baseless conversation. My idea of good customer care is exactly what Ronald manages to do whereas when i try it, its like this stream of thinly veiled insults spewing forth from my mouth as if of their own volition. And its so much more embarrassing when its a girl i like which, thank God, is VERY rare. There's this one girl who comes here whom i think is so insanely hot, she should come with a warning label: TOO HOT TO HANDLE WITHOUT PROPER PROTECTION!! Its terrible cos she's the sister of a friend of mine so when she comes in i just shut the hell up cos i know if i open my mouth, i'm gonna say the dumbest shit you've heard since George Bush jr's last presidential address. I once attempted to start a conversation with her and for some reason my brain told my mouth it was okay to go: "So... do you have a business card?... No?.... Me neither... I'm thinking of getting those laminated ones... They're cool..."

That really happened.

But you know what i really loved about Wall-E? It was the point where Eve realises what Wall-E's been trying to do with his hands all along and she thinks of him and realises how she feels and all these images of Wall-E keeping her company while she was shut down just flood her memory and she almost purrs in her robotic voice... It was such a beautiful moment that i felt something stir in me that i was sure was dead, was sure i had killed. Something that i treasured more than life itself for at the end of it all, it IS life itself: I believed in love again... I know thats corny as an acorn on the cover of a cornflakes box sitting next to some buttered corn but at least i didnt say erection.... hmmm another E word.

P.S. Cake Lady brought me cookies the other day then Sheilah promised me cake a couple of ays later THEN Cake Lady brought me a tub of ice cream. I say tub because i didnt know they sold that much ice cream to consumers and not fuckin wholesale. It was alotta ice cream. I was happy.

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